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Known issues

* man(1) completion doesn't work on OpenBSD as manpath(1) isn't a thing on that
  system; need to find some way of finding which manual directories should be
  searched at runtime, if there is one.
* The checks gscr(1df) makes to determine where it is are a bit naïve (don't
  work with bare repos) and could probably be improved with some appropriate
  git-reflog(1) calls
* dr(6df) is probably more practical in awk
* Running the block of git(1) commands in the prompt leaves five "stale"
  jobspecs around that flee after a jobs builtin run; only saw this manifest
  after 90dcadf; either I understand job specs really poorly or this may be a
  bug in bash
* I can't find a clean way of detecting a restricted shell for ksh instances to
  prevent trying to load anything fancy (works for Bash)
    * Zsh, either! $options[restricted] is "off" within the startup file
* Would be good to complete the Makefile variables for NAME, EMAIL etc with
  educated guesses (`id -u`@`cat /etc/mailname`) etc rather than hardcoding my
  own stuff in there
* Document `install-conf` target once I'm sure it's not a dumb idea
* Need to decide whether I care about XDG, and implement it if I do
* Need to decide whether I'm testing the shell snippets for MPD, Keychain etc,
  and if so how.