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*select_old_files.txt*	For Vim version 7.0	Last change: 2019 Jun 21

DESCRIPTION				*select_old_files*

Slightly enhanced `:browse oldfiles` that limits the count of selectable
files, defaulting to just short of the window height, to avoid a pager.

REQUIREMENTS				*select_old_files-requirements*

This plugin only loads if 'compatible' is not set.

COMMANDS				*select_old_files-commands*

Enter the `:SelectOldFiles` command for a |v:oldfiles| menu. It works like
`:browse oldfiles`, except it limits the number of files presented.  An
optional argument can be provided; it defaults to `g:select_old_files_limit`
if set, or a count just short of the window height.

MAPPINGS				*select_old_files-mappings*

The `<Plug>(SelectOldFiles)` map in normal mode just does `:SelectOldFiles`
with no argument.

OPTIONS					*select_old_files-options*

Set `g:select_old_files_limit` to the default count of |v:oldfiles| to be used
in the absence of an argument to `:SelectOldFiles`.

AUTHOR					*select_old_files-author*

Written and maintained by Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>.

LICENSE					*select_old_files-license*

Licensed for distribution under the same terms as Vim itself (see |license|).