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* Overhaul Vim :compiler scriptsTom Ryder2019-05-291-13/+4
* Split long lines with version/patch check patternTom Ryder2019-05-171-1/+2
* Remove unnecessary g: prefixes to Vim variablesTom Ryder2019-05-091-2/+2
* Add option terminators or equivs to :compilersTom Ryder2018-08-191-2/+2
* Correct g:current_compiler settingTom Ryder2018-06-161-1/+1
* Correct "fi" to "endif" in new compiler filesTom Ryder2017-11-201-1/+1
* Use %:S expansion only when availableTom Ryder2017-11-191-1/+7
* Force g:current_compiler removal before check/lintTom Ryder2017-11-191-1/+1
* Use :compiler scripts for makeprg setupTom Ryder2017-11-191-0/+11