path: root/bash/bash_profile.d
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* Port all bash_profile.d scripts to POSIX shTom Ryder2016-08-203-65/+0
* Remove custom length limit on login fortunesTom Ryder2016-07-231-1/+1
* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-283-3/+0
* Make short-circuits a bit more explicitTom Ryder2015-12-153-8/+22
* Flatten bash_profile.d subscripts a bitTom Ryder2015-12-153-16/+34
* Remove a few unneeded quotesTom Ryder2015-07-172-3/+3
* Move first newline back into fortuneTom Ryder2015-06-111-0/+1
* Check for ~/.remindersTom Ryder2015-06-101-2/+4
* Rearrange newlinesTom Ryder2015-06-103-2/+4
* Limit to slightly shorter fortunesTom Ryder2015-06-101-1/+1
* Instate .bash_profile.dTom Ryder2015-06-103-0/+31