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* release/v11.6.0: Update dotfiles(7) manual page Add a date directory level for screenshots Update expected path to i3 lock image Add options terminator to scrot command for sxhkd Revert "Try an even shorter sleep before snapping" Try an even shorter sleep before snapping Adjust command line breaks for better legibility Remove implied -i from xclip call Break up long line in X/sxhkdrc Add a short sleep before window snapping Use a Unicode-aware font for i3wm Use ~/.fehbg background if it's set Use consistent line breaks for Muttrc settings Revert "Set font for rxvt-unicode to include Symbola" Set font for rxvt-unicode to include Symbola Add youtube-dl config Add clipboard copy to scrot screen snap Remove i3 workspace labels for now Add scrot screenshot sampler to sxhkd config
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