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Correct RHS of (un)important mail ftplugin map
This resolves the issue raised in f1b6f3b, where the mappings did not work if the cursor was on the first line. I had the colon `:` that starts the `ex` command and the `<C-U>` that clears any existing command around the wrong way. Because CTRL-U in normal mode scrolls up, it fails if we're already on the top line, and the rest of the mapping looks to be skipped. There don't seem to be any other instances of the same error that I can find.
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depends on which shell you're using; the `sd` function isn't available when
you're not using Bash. Maybe I should try to extend `help` without breaking
-* The low-priority shortcut for mail messages in Vim doesn't work if you're on
- the first line.