This plugin provides a user command with the author's approach to stripping trailing whitespace from an entire buffer, including removing empty or whitespace-only lines at the end of the buffer, without making command noise and without moving the cursor from its current position.

This is a very commonly written and implemented plugin, but I wrote my own because I could not find a plugin that did this in exactly the way I wanted:

  • Accept an optional range
  • Strip trailing lines as well as trailing spaces
  • Report what was changed, accurately
  • Work with old Vim (>=7.0)
  • Work with a single undo
  • Don't move the cursor
  • Don't change the search pattern
  • Don't define an autocmd
  • Don't force a key mapping
  • Don't define a global function


Copyright (c) Tom Ryder. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.