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+This plugin switches off the` 'viminfo'`, `'backup'`, `'swapfile'`, and
+`'undofile'` options locally for the buffer when editing passwords in the
+`pass(1)` password manager, or a comparable tool if `g:redact_pass_pattern` is
+set beforehand.
+This is to prevent anyone being able to extract passwords from your Vim cache
+files in the event of a compromise.
+Test this carefully to make sure it works! If it doesn't, it is probably
+because you need to set `g:redact_pass_pattern` to fit your system's behaviour,
+or the plugin hasn't loaded at all.
+Copyright (c) [Tom Ryder][1]. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself.
+See `:help license`.
+[1]: https://sanctum.geek.nz/