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+Syntax checking Git hooks
+As used by Tom Ryder, because Michael Fincham asked.
+The `pre-commit` file goes in `.git/hooks` in your repository, and you make it
+executable. You'll need `file(1)` and various other binaries in your `PATH`.
+This is nowhere near as tidy as it could be, but it correctly handles syntax
+checking and linting of added or changed files only, without rescanning the
+whole project. It does this with some byzantine Bash. It handles filenames with
+funny characters (including newlines) correctly.
+I'll write some real documentation Laterâ„¢.
+Copyright (c) [Tom Ryder][1]. Distributed under [MIT License][2].
+[1]: https://sanctum.geek.nz/
+[2]: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT