Print timed lyrics from an LRC file for MPD's currently playing song line-by-line to stdout: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LRC_%28file_format%29

Needs Net::MPD and a few core Perl packages. Expects to find lyrics named Artist - Title.lrc in ~/.lyrics. An LRC file I made for Darkthrone's "To Walk The Infernal Fields" from their 1993 album "Under a Funeral Moon" is included for testing.

This could maybe be used with libnotify or a similar desktop notification tool to display lyrics in a corner as you work on other things. I've included a simple Bash wrapper around notify-send(1) which works for me.

You can install both with make install. The default PREFIX is /usr/local. You may prefer $HOME/.local, like I do.


This code is not maintained. There are plans to repackage it as a Perl 5 module unto itself, using Music::Lyrics::LRC. The latter module is feature-complete and available on CPAN, but a version of mpdlrc that actually uses it has yet to be written.


Copyright (c) Tom Ryder. Distributed under Artistic License 2.0.