path: root/vim/after/ftplugin/mail.vim
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* Overhaul base after-ftpluginsTom Ryder2018-07-081-11/+2
* Make Vim ftplugin preamble consistent with pluginsTom Ryder2018-07-011-1/+4
* Refactor ftplugins into single filesTom Ryder2018-06-301-0/+15
* Move vim/after/ftplugin files into vim/ftpluginTom Ryder2017-10-301-2/+0
* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-281-1/+0
* No more auto-wrappingTom Ryder2014-12-031-3/+0
* formatoptions should not be set in vimrcTom Ryder2013-05-071-2/+5
* Settings to make flowed plaintext work wellTom Ryder2013-05-031-0/+3