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* Rename terminfo files to *.ti extensionTom Ryder2018-06-113-0/+0
* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-283-3/+0
* Remove st(1) from dotfilesTom Ryder2013-10-221-193/+0
* Reversing previous commit; didn't workTom Ryder2013-09-304-10/+10
* Remove leading spaces for terminfo compatibilityTom Ryder2013-09-304-10/+10
* Use spaces not tabs in st terminfo for consistencyTom Ryder2013-09-281-189/+189
* Patch italics support into screen terminfoTom Ryder2013-09-281-3/+5
* Version terminfo sources and compile on installTom Ryder2013-09-2813-0/+764
* Change back to urxvt from stTom Ryder2013-02-242-0/+0
* Giving st (suckless term) a shotTom Ryder2013-02-222-0/+0
* Fix italic support in terminfoTom Ryder2012-08-192-0/+0
* Start doing terminals properlyTom Ryder2012-08-199-0/+0