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* Significant improvements to mi5(1df)Tom Ryder2017-06-041-0/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | | A clunkier and probably-slower but more accurate parser--won't stumble over quoted instances of the mi5(1df) delimiter within inline macro expansions. This removes one of the CAVEATS described in the manual page. Also allow specifying the quote and unquote strings and also the dnl string in m4, mostly for completeness' sake; the manual page warns against this as I think it's probably missing the point of mi5(1df) if you're getting to that point.
* Add some sample tests for mi5(1df)Tom Ryder2017-06-032-0/+14
* Add chkl(6)Tom Ryder2017-01-021-0/+5