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* Revert "Allow MYSQL_* my.cnf vars"Tom Ryder2017-06-261-0/+6
* Allow MYSQL_* my.cnf varsTom Ryder2017-06-261-6/+0
* Add skip-pager to ~/.my.cnfTom Ryder2017-06-011-0/+1
* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-281-1/+0
* Don't hash MySQL completionsTom Ryder2013-09-181-0/+1
* Prefer pretty-printed MySQL results interactivelyTom Ryder2013-09-181-2/+0
* Refining MySQL configTom Ryder2013-09-171-0/+3
* Standard approach to database promptsTom Ryder2013-09-161-1/+2
* Added basic dotfiles for mysql/psqlTom Ryder2013-09-161-0/+3