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* Remove Yash supportTom Ryder2017-05-241-1/+0
* Add xinitrc.d script checksTom Ryder2017-04-091-0/+1
* More sh flexibility (check/lint scripts)Tom Ryder2017-04-057-7/+0
* Apply runtime shebanging to POSIX shellTom Ryder2017-04-052-20/+2
* Clean up lint scripts a bitTom Ryder2016-12-304-4/+6
* Remove zsh linterTom Ryder2016-12-301-2/+0
* Add zsh checkingTom Ryder2016-12-271-0/+2
* Rename all pdksh stuff to kshTom Ryder2016-12-172-2/+2
* Add very basic Yash supportTom Ryder2016-08-311-0/+2
* Build URxvt Perls with shb(1)Tom Ryder2016-08-311-1/+1
* Tidy check/lint targets, add pdkshTom Ryder2016-08-241-0/+2
* Ignore SC1090 (allow unfollowable dotting)Tom Ryder2016-08-232-2/+2
* Specify shell dialect for bash/sh lintingTom Ryder2016-08-232-2/+2
* Correct lint/bin directoryTom Ryder2016-08-031-1/+1
* Restore -f test rather than -e testTom Ryder2016-08-022-2/+2
* Spruce up lint-bin and lint-games scriptsTom Ryder2016-08-022-9/+17
* Remove leading blank lineTom Ryder2016-08-021-1/+0
* Move tests and lints into their own scriptsTom Ryder2016-08-025-0/+21