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* Move awk scripts into shb(1)Tom Ryder2016-08-161-2/+12
* Remove .m4 from suffixesTom Ryder2016-08-161-1/+1
* Reverse .m4 translation for binscriptsTom Ryder2016-08-161-15/+1
* Apply suffix rules for games/bin buildingTom Ryder2016-08-161-42/+12
* Template traps in scripts depending on mktd(1)Tom Ryder2016-08-161-1/+27
* Put "all" subtargets on their own lineTom Ryder2016-08-161-1/+5
* Rename "test" targets to "check"Tom Ryder2016-08-161-27/+27
* Simplify recipe for install-vim-plugins a lotTom Ryder2016-08-141-18/+5
* Test for executable not extension in installTom Ryder2016-08-141-9/+5
* Don't install raw .sed scripts in ~/.local/binTom Ryder2016-08-141-1/+6
* Add sd2u(1) and su2d(1)Tom Ryder2016-08-141-2/+12
* Add unf(1)Tom Ryder2016-08-141-2/+7
* Name/point pdksh files specificallyTom Ryder2016-08-101-4/+4
* Tolerate missing tic(1) at least for nowTom Ryder2016-08-091-0/+1
* Remove double-up install-bash targetTom Ryder2016-08-091-11/+0
* Merge branch 'pdksh'Tom Ryder2016-08-091-0/+21
| * Add kshrc.d directoryTom Ryder2016-08-091-0/+14
| * Starting an attempt at pdksh configurationTom Ryder2016-08-061-0/+7
* | Prevent sed sources from getting installedTom Ryder2016-08-081-1/+6
* | Add acq(6)Tom Ryder2016-08-081-1/+6
* Add test to check binscripts match manpagesTom Ryder2016-08-031-1/+4
* kvlt(6)/zs(6) get shebangs from shb(1) at buildTom Ryder2016-08-021-1/+11
* Order lint subtargets alphabeticallyTom Ryder2016-08-021-1/+1
* Move tests and lints into their own scriptsTom Ryder2016-08-021-47/+10
* Add install-bin to default install targetTom Ryder2016-07-301-0/+1
* Create separate install-bash-completion targetTom Ryder2016-07-301-2/+6
* Move bash completion setup into separate dirTom Ryder2016-07-301-1/+3
* Make sendmail(1) implementation configurableTom Ryder2016-07-041-1/+9
* Template .gitconfig personal valuesTom Ryder2016-07-041-2/+14
* Stop versioning backgroundsTom Ryder2016-06-271-2/+0
* Add test-games to test targetTom Ryder2016-06-251-1/+1
* Move targets into alphabetical orderTom Ryder2016-06-251-14/+14
* Remove unneeded targetsTom Ryder2016-06-251-10/+1
* Set .PHONY properly with generated target listTom Ryder2016-06-251-7/+17
* Add missing spaces before colons in targetsTom Ryder2016-06-251-7/+7
* Specify target dependenciesTom Ryder2016-06-251-3/+3
* Only install manpages with correct suffixTom Ryder2016-06-251-3/+3
* Add dotfiles(7) manual pageTom Ryder2016-06-251-0/+11
* clean/distclean same targetTom Ryder2016-06-241-3/+1
* Separate games out into own directory/targetsTom Ryder2016-06-241-5/+32
* Add manual page for zs(6) in new section 6Tom Ryder2016-06-241-0/+2
* Break Xresources into subfilesTom Ryder2016-06-221-2/+4
* Move man dir creat to correct targetTom Ryder2016-06-181-4/+4
* Use more accurate recipe for bash/sh detectionTom Ryder2016-06-141-3/+8
* Don't make tmux conf as default targetTom Ryder2016-05-161-1/+1
* Allow specifying color for tmuxTom Ryder2016-04-231-4/+15
* Add .perltidyrcTom Ryder2016-04-071-0/+4
* Use default ~/.signature locationTom Ryder2016-03-291-1/+1
* Remove old targetsTom Ryder2016-03-281-4/+2
* Remove blank lines at end of filesTom Ryder2016-03-281-1/+0