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-" Adopt the indent of the last line on new lines; interestingly, plugins that
-" do clever things with indenting will often assume this is set
-set autoindent
-" Use spaces instead of tabs
-set expandtab
-" Indent with four spaces when an indent operation is used
-set shiftwidth=4
-" Insert four spaces when Tab is pressed
-set softtabstop=4
-" How many spaces to show for a literal tab when 'list' is unset
-set tabstop=4
-" Indent intelligently to 'shiftwidth' at the starts of lines with Tab, but
-" use 'tabstop' everywhere else
-set smarttab
-" When indenting lines with < or >, round the indent to a multiple of
-" 'shiftwidth', so even if the line is indented by one space it will indent
-" up to 4 and down to 0, for example
-set shiftround