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* `han(1)` provides a `keywordprg` for Vim's Bash script filetype that will
look for `help` topics. You could use it from the shell too. It also has a
brief manual.
+* `maybe(1)` is like `true(1)` or `false(1)`; given a probability of success,
+ it exits with success or failure. Good for quick tests.
* `sue(8)` execs `sudoedit(8)` as the owner of all the file arguments given,
perhaps in cases where you may not necessarily have `root` `sudo(8)`
+* `try(1)` repeats a command up to a given number of times until it succeeds,
+ only printing error output if all three attempts failed. Good for
+ tolerating blips or temporary failures in `cron(8)` scripts.
* `vis(1)` edits executable script files in `VISPATH`, defaulting to
`~/.local/bin`, for personal scripting snippets.