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@@ -204,8 +204,6 @@ in `sh/shrc.d` to be loaded by any POSIX interactive shell. Those include:
* `scp()` tries to detect forgotten hostnames in `scp(1)` command calls.
* `sudo()` forces `-H` for `sudo(8)` calls so that `$HOME` is never
preserved; I hate having `root`-owned files in my home directory.
-* `tmux()` changes the default command for `tmux(1)` to `attach-session -d`
- if a session exists, or creates a new session if one doesn't.
* `tree()` colorizes GNU `tree(1)` output if possible (without having
`LS_COLORS` set).
* `vim()` defines three functions to always use `vim(1)` as my `ex(1)`,
@@ -501,6 +499,8 @@ Installed by the `install-bin` target:
`scp(1)`'s HOST:PATH format.
* `td(1df)` manages a to-do file for you with `$EDITOR` and `git(1)`; I used
to use Taskwarrior, but found it too complex and buggy.
+* `tm()` runs `tmux(1)` with `attach-session -d` if a session exists, and
+ `new-session` if it doesn't.
* `try(1df)` repeats a command up to a given number of times until it
succeeds, only printing error output if all three attempts failed. Good for
tolerating blips or temporary failures in `cron(8)` scripts.