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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/vim/vimrc b/vim/vimrc
index 8a4b685b..79445ea6 100644
--- a/vim/vimrc
+++ b/vim/vimrc
@@ -786,10 +786,10 @@ set noruler
set sessionoptions-=localoptions " No buffer options or mappings
set sessionoptions-=options " No global options or mappings
-" Show keystrokes as I type them; this mostly helps me manage when I confuse
-" my mappings, and one of them involves operator-pending mode.
+" Turn 'showcmd' off if a system vimrc has been rude enough to set it; I don't
+" like how it can interfere with the display of longer lines.
-set showcmd
+set noshowcmd
" The 'I' flag for the 'shortmess' option prevents the display of the Vim
" startup screen with version information, :help hints, and donation