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@@ -15,14 +15,6 @@ Known issues
* A key binding for importing sections of the screen and optionally uploading
it would be great, probably using ImageMagick import(1)
* sxhkd(1) might be nicer than xbindkeys; it's in Debian Testing now
-* xrbg(1) is likely redundant:
- 13:31:51 <tejr> i pick a random one on startup with a little script
- 13:32:41 <cosarara> I run this on startup http://sprunge.us/JFCL
- 13:33:06 <tejr> haha i didn't even know about --randomize
- 13:33:14 <tejr> p sure that makes my script redundant actually
- 13:33:32 <tejr> yep it does
* dr(1df) is probably more practical in awk
* How come commands I fix with the fc builtin always seem to exit 1 even if
they succeed? Did I do that or is it Bash?
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+# Apply a random background image
+command -v feh >/dev/null 2>&1 || return
+feh --bg-scale --no-fehbg --randomize -- "${XBACKGROUNDS:-"$HOME"/.xbackgrounds}"
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-# Apply a random background image
diff --git a/bin/xrbg b/bin/xrbg
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-# Apply a random background image. Requires rndf(1df) and feh(1).
-bg=$(rndf "${XBACKGROUNDS:-"$HOME"/.xbackgrounds}") || exit
-feh --bg-scale --no-fehbg -- "$bg"
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-.TH XRBG 1df "March 2016" "Manual page for xrbg"
-.B xrbg
-\- apply a random X background image with feh(1)
-.B xrbg
-.B xrbg
-.B xrbg
-searches for images in the directory named in the XBACKGROUNDS environment
-variable (defaults to ~/.xbackgrounds), chooses a random one with rndf(1df),
-and applies it with feh(1). It's designed for use in ~/.xinitrc, but it seems
-to work when called manually from within an X session too.
-feh(1), rndf(1df)
-Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>