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parentDeclare vars as integers in prompt (diff)
Trying out Wyrd, moving away from Google Calendar
Configuration is not much more than the stock Debian one at the moment
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+# Wyrd run-configuration file
+# command for the Remind executable
+set remind_command="remind"
+# the default reminder file to display
+set reminders_file="$HOME/.reminders"
+# command for editing an old appointment, given a line number %line% and filename %file%
+set edit_old_command="${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} +%line% %file%"
+# command for editing a new appointment, given a filename %file%
+set edit_new_command="${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} +999999 %file%"
+# command for free editing of the reminders file, given a filename %file%
+set edit_any_command="${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} %file%"
+# templates for creating new appointments
+# %monname% -> month name, %mon% -> month number, %mday% -> day of the month,
+# %year% -> year, %hour% -> hour, %min% -> minute, %wdayname% -> weekday name
+# %wday% -> weekday number
+set timed_template="REM %monname% %mday% %year% AT %hour%:%min% DURATION 1:00 MSG "
+set untimed_template="REM %monname% %mday% %year% MSG "
+# weekly recurrence
+set template0="REM %wdayname% AT %hour%:%min% DURATION 1:00 MSG "
+set template1="REM %wdayname% MSG "
+# monthly recurrence
+set template2="REM %mday% AT %hour%:%min% DURATION 1:00 MSG "
+set template3="REM %mday% MSG "
+# algorithm to use for determining busy level
+# "1" -> count the number of reminders in each day
+# "2" -> count the number of hours of reminders in each day
+set busy_algorithm="1"
+# for busy_algorithm="2", assume that untimed reminders occupy this many minutes
+set untimed_duration="60"
+# if busy_algorithm="1", number of reminders per day allowed for each calendar
+# colorization level; if busy_algorithm="2", use number of hours of reminders
+# per day
+set busy_level1="1" # level1 color
+set busy_level2="3" # level2 color
+set busy_level3="5" # level2 color, bold
+set busy_level4="7" # level3 color
+ # (everything else is level3 color, bold)
+# first day of the week is Monday
+set week_starts_monday="true"
+# 12/24 hour time settings
+set schedule_12_hour="false"
+set selection_12_hour="true"
+set status_12_hour="true"
+set description_12_hour="true"
+# whether or not to keep the cursor centered when scrolling through timed
+# reminders
+set center_cursor="false"
+# date syntax for the 'go to date' command can be big or little endian
+set goto_big_endian="true"
+# date syntax for the "quick reminder" command can be US style
+# (6/1 -> June 1) or non-US style (6/1 -> January 6)
+set quick_date_US="false"
+# whether or not to number weeks within the month calendar
+set number_weeks="false"
+# whether or not the cursor should follow the current time
+# after pressing the "home" key
+set home_sticky="true"
+# whether or not to display advance warnings
+set advance_warning="false"
+# width of the untimed reminders window
+set untimed_window_width="40"
+# whether or not to render untimed reminders in boldface
+set untimed_bold="true"
+# key bindings
+bind "j" scroll_down
+bind "<down>" scroll_down
+bind "k" scroll_up
+bind "<up>" scroll_up
+bind "h" switch_window
+bind "l" switch_window
+bind "<left>" switch_window
+bind "<right>" switch_window
+bind "<pageup>" previous_day
+bind "4" previous_day
+bind "<" previous_day
+bind "H" previous_day
+bind "<pagedown>" next_day
+bind "6" next_day
+bind ">" next_day
+bind "L" next_day
+bind "8" previous_week
+bind "[" previous_week
+bind "K" previous_week
+bind "2" next_week
+bind "]" next_week
+bind "J" next_week
+bind "{" previous_month
+bind "}" next_month
+bind "<home>" home
+bind "g" goto
+bind "z" zoom
+bind "<return>" edit
+bind "<enter>" edit
+bind "e" edit_any
+bind "y" copy
+bind "X" cut
+bind "p" paste
+bind "P" paste_dialog
+bind "d" scroll_description_up
+bind "D" scroll_description_down
+#bind "q" quick_add
+bind "t" new_timed
+bind "T" new_timed_dialog
+bind "u" new_untimed
+bind "U" new_untimed_dialog
+bind "w" new_template0
+bind "W" new_template1
+bind "m" new_template2
+bind "M" new_template3
+bind "n" search_next
+bind "/" begin_search
+bind "<tab>" next_reminder
+bind "r" view_remind
+bind "R" view_remind_all
+bind "c" view_week
+bind "C" view_month
+bind "?" help
+bind "\\Cl" refresh
+#bind "Q" quit
+bind "q" quit
+bind "<return>" entry_complete
+bind "<enter>" entry_complete
+bind "<backspace>" entry_backspace
+bind "<esc>" entry_cancel
+# set up the colors
+color help white magenta
+color timed_default white black
+color timed_current white magenta
+color timed_reminder1 white blue
+color timed_reminder2 white red
+color timed_reminder3 white green
+color timed_reminder4 yellow magenta
+color untimed_reminder white black
+color timed_date magenta black
+color selection_info white magenta
+color description white black
+color status white magenta
+color calendar_labels white black
+color calendar_level1 white black
+color calendar_level2 magenta black
+color calendar_level3 red black
+color calendar_today magenta white
+color left_divider magenta magenta
+color right_divider magenta magenta