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authorTom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>2017-10-30 11:23:40 +1300
committerTom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>2017-10-30 11:24:53 +1300
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parentRebuild dotfiles(7) man page, remove double-header (diff)
Move netrw.vim "after" script to plain config
There's no particular need to set these options after netrw has loaded; they can be set before it's loaded, and the plugin will still observe them. This empties the vim/after/plugin directory. It doesn't need to be removed from the Makefile as there are no references to it; it was installed by a glob cp(1).
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diff --git a/vim/after/plugin/netrw.vim b/vim/after/plugin/netrw.vim
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--- a/vim/after/plugin/netrw.vim
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,11 +0,0 @@
-" Don't show the preamble banner
-let g:netrw_banner = 0
-" Perform file transfers silently
-let g:netrw_silent = 1
-" Use a tree-style file listing
-let g:netrw_liststyle = 3
-" Don't list the current directory shortcut, and don't show tags files
-let g:netrw_list_hide = '^\.$,^tags$'