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#! perl
-#:META:X_RESOURCE:%.pattern-0:string:first selection pattern
-=head1 NAME
-selection - more intelligent selection (enabled by default)
-This extension tries to be more intelligent when the user extends
-selections (double-click and further clicks). Right now, it tries to
-select words, urls and complete shell-quoted arguments, which is very
-convenient, too, if your F<ls> supports C<--quoting-style=shell>.
-A double-click usually selects the word under the cursor, further clicks
-will enlarge the selection.
-The selection works by trying to match a number of regexes and displaying
-them in increasing order of length. You can add your own regexes by
-specifying resources of the form:
- URxvt.selection.pattern-0: perl-regex
- URxvt.selection.pattern-1: perl-regex
- ...
-The index number (0, 1...) must not have any holes, and each regex must
-contain at least one pair of capturing parentheses, which will be used for
-the match. For example, the following adds a regex that matches everything
-between two vertical bars:
- URxvt.selection.pattern-0: \\|([^|]+)\\|
-Another example: Programs I use often output "absolute path: " at the
-beginning of a line when they process multiple files. The following
-pattern matches the filename (note, there is a single space at the very
- URxvt.selection.pattern-0: ^(/[^:]+):\
-You can look at the source of the selection extension to see more
-interesting uses, such as parsing a line from beginning to end.
-This extension also offers following bindable keyboard commands:
-=over 4
-=item rot13
-Rot-13 the selection when activated. Used via keyboard trigger:
- URxvt.keysym.C-M-r: perl:selection:rot13
sub on_user_command {
my ($self, $cmd) = @_;