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Use GPG fingerprint as .pgpkey file
Keys were much shorter back in those days and wouldn't fill the screen ten times over. > <REDACTED> man finger is weird > <tejr> it is > <tejr> it's a real relic. can you imagine intentionally running a > remote service nowadays that told anybody your GECOS name, home > directory, shell, last login times, and what you'd been working on? > <tejr> i mean, i want to live in such a world where that would be > desirable, but we no longer do > <REDACTED> it looks like it's meant for a group of people all working > on one system > <REDACTED> meaning it's old as shit > <tejr> yeah the closest thing i have is our ssh gateway at work > <tejr> [tom@v:~]$ finger tom > <tejr> whoops > <tejr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) > <tejr> the pgpkey bit hasn't aged too well given the keys are so long > nowadays > <tejr> it might be better to use the output of gpg --fingerprint now > <tejr> in fact, i think i'll do that > <REDACTED> good idea
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