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Generate gpg.conf from m4 template on make call
We have to do this because gpg.conf doesn't understand tilde or environment variable expansion in the configuration file, and the only reliable way to make the ca-cert-file option work between different implementations of gpg(1) and its cURL link is to explicitly specify the path to the CA file. This is probably a better approach than installing the thing as a trusted system CA anyway, which requires root privileges that I don't really want to assume anyone installing this has. I'm also including the CA, CRL, and .pem for the SKS keyservers in this commit. This seems a lesser evil than trying to pull them with cURL or wget at make(1) time.
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+sks-keyservers.net CA, CRL, and signature
+These files are downloaded from links on the [sks-keyservers.net][1] overview
+page. I've included both their signature file and the revocation list, but it's
+your responsibility to make sure that everything here is verified to your
+[1]: https://sks-keyservers.net/overview-of-pools.php