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parentRebuild dotfiles(7) manual from README.md (diff)
Restore dotfiles(7) manual as pre-built dist file
Commit 70fcb35 incorrectly built the dotfiles(7) manual without the header required by the Pandoc converter. Rebuilt it properly by making a script in a new directory "dist" which is to be run by the maintainer whenever its source file README.md is updated. This should probably be automated on my end with Git hooks. The reason we don't include the Pandoc recipe for making this manual as a target in the Makefile is to do with the heavy dependency of Pandoc, for which packages are not available on some desirable operating systems, as arranged in a8ab2cf. Also added the new install-man target as one of the default subtargets of `install`.
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+# Author tool for building the dotfiles(7) manual
+cat man/man7/dotfiles.7df.head README.md |
+pandoc -sS -t man -o man/man7/dotfiles.7df