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authorTom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>2013-08-28 23:28:53 +1200
committerTom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>2013-08-28 23:28:53 +1200
commit183bbe0828911a55018668f76b26c29e52d42705 (patch)
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parentTrying without bash-completion for a bit (diff)
Move options into .bashrc
May be making use of some of these extra features in my completion scripts, so need to make sure they're loaded first
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diff --git a/bash/bashrc b/bash/bashrc
index ae303d51..2501696f 100644
--- a/bash/bashrc
+++ b/bash/bashrc
@@ -22,6 +22,44 @@ setterm -bfreq 0 2>/dev/null
# Turn off flow control and control character echo
stty -ixon -ctlecho 2>/dev/null
+# Autocorrect fudged paths in cd calls
+shopt -s cdspell 2>/dev/null
+# Update the hash table properly
+shopt -s checkhash 2>/dev/null
+# Warn me about stopped jobs when exiting
+shopt -s checkjobs 2>/dev/null
+# Update columns and rows if window size changes
+shopt -s checkwinsize 2>/dev/null
+# Put multi-line commands onto one line of history
+shopt -s cmdhist 2>/dev/null
+# Expand globbing and variables for directory completion
+shopt -s direxpand 2>/dev/null
+# Autocorrect fudged paths during completion
+shopt -s dirspell 2>/dev/null
+# Include dotfiles in pattern matching
+shopt -s dotglob 2>/dev/null
+# Enable advanced pattern matching
+shopt -s extglob 2>/dev/null
+# Enable double-starring paths
+shopt -s globstar 2>/dev/null
+# Append rather than overwrite Bash history
+shopt -s histappend 2>/dev/null
+# Don't warn me about new mail all the time
+shopt -u mailwarn 2>/dev/null
+# Ignore me if I try to complete an empty line
+shopt -s no_empty_cmd_completion 2>/dev/null
# Load any supplementary scripts
if [[ -d $HOME/.bashrc.d ]]; then