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* release/v4.50.0: Bump VERSION Update to vim-insert-cancel v5.0.0 Update vim-scroll-next to v1.0.0 Update vim-scroll-next to v0.3.0 Don't split entire array just to get first element Whoops, I didn't mean to leave these in here Refine apostrophe matching for mail greetings Update vim-vimrc-reload-filetype to v1.0.0 Update vim-insert-timeout to v1.0.1 Enable forward_attachments in Mutt Enable crypt_protected_headers_write in Mutt Update vim-quickfix-auto-open to v1.0.0 Adjust a concatenated string Update vim-insert-suspend-hlsearch to v1.0.0 Update vim-quickfix-auto-open to v1.0.0 Update vim-copy-linebreak to v1.0.0 Update vim-paste-open to v2.0.0 Update vim-cursorline-current to v0.4.0 Update vim-insert-cancel to v4.0.0 Move 'viminfofile'
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