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Add a `lint-vim` target for linting Vim config
Since I know there's a usable tool for this now in vim-vint, I may as well make a target for my own convenience later. Updated the README.markdown documentation of the `lint-*` targets, restructuring the paragraph into a nested list for clarity. Also updated the `dotfiles(7)` manual page to reflect those changes.
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@@ -584,10 +584,20 @@ You can check that both sets of shell scripts are syntactically correct with
the scripts in `bin` and `games`. There's no proper test suite for the actual
functionality (yet).
-If you have [ShellCheck](https://www.shellcheck.net/) and/or
-[Perl::Critic](http://perlcritic.com/), there's a `lint` target for the shell
-script files and Perl files respectively. The files don't need to pass that
-check to be installed.
+There are also optional `lint` targets, if you have the appropriate tools
+available to run them:
+* [ShellCheck](https://www.shellcheck.net/):
+ * `lint-bash`
+ * `lint-bin`
+ * `lint-games`
+ * `lint-ksh`
+ * `lint-sh`
+ * `lint-xinit`
+* [Perl::Critic](https://perlcritic.com/):
+ * `lint-urxvt`
+* [Vint](https://github.com/Kuniwak/vint):
+ * `lint-vim`
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