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@@ -97,11 +97,11 @@ by `.profile` are saved in `.profile.d` and iterated on login for ease of
management. All of these boil down to exporting variables appropriate to the
system and the software it has available.
-My `.bash_profile` calls `.profile` for variable exports, runs subscripts in
+My `.bash_profile` calls `.profile` and then runs subscripts in
`.bash_profile.d`. It then runs `.bashrc`, which only applies for interactive
-shells; subscripts are loaded from `.bashrc.d`. interactive shell. The contents
-of this directory changes all the time depending on the host, and only specific
-scripts in it are versioned.
+shells; subscripts for that in turn are loaded from `.bashrc.d`. The contents
+of the two directories changes depending on the host, so only specific scripts
+in it are versioned.
My interactive and scripting shell of choice is Bash; as a GNU/Linux admin who
ends up installing Bash on \*BSD machines anyway, I very rarely have to write