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If a function can be written in POSIX `sh` without too much hackery, I put it
in `sh/shrc.d` to be loaded by any POSIX interactive shell. Those include:
+* Four functions for using a "marked" directory, which I find a more
+ manageable concept than the `pushd`/`popd` directory stack:
+ * `md()` marks a given (or the current) directory.
+ * `gd()` goes to the marked directory.
+ * `pmd()` prints the marked directory.
+ * `xd()` swaps the current and marked directories.
* `ad()` is a `cd` shortcut accepting targets like `/u/l/b` for
`/usr/local/bin`, as long as they are unique.
* `bc()` silences startup messages from GNU `bc(1)`.