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Remove SHLVL nested shell feature for now
Causes a bit too much curliness in configuration; may need a more comprehensive approach.
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@@ -122,20 +122,17 @@ after testing `BASH_VERSINFO` appropriately.
A terminal session with my prompt looks something like this:
~$ ssh remote
- tom@remote:~$ bash
- >tom@remote:~$ cd .dotfiles
- >tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!)$ git status
+ tom@remote:~$ cd .dotfiles
+ tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!)$ git status
M README.markdown
M bash/bashrc.d/prompt.bash
A init
- >tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!)$ foobar
+ tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!)$ foobar
foobar: command not found
- >tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!)<127>$ sleep 5 &
+ tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!)<127>$ sleep 5 &
[1] 28937
- >tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!){1}$
+ tom@remote:~/.dotfiles(master+!){1}$
-If `SHLVL` is greater than one, right angle brackets are added to show how many
-`bash` instances deep into the process tree we are, taking into account `tmux`.
The username and hostname are elided if not connected via SSH. The working
directory is always shown. The rest of the prompt expands based on context to
include these elements in this order:
@@ -148,8 +145,7 @@ include these elements in this order:
* The exit status of the last command, if non-zero
You can set `PROMPT_COLOR`, `PROMPT_PREFIX`, and `PROMPT_SUFFIX` too, which all
-do about what you'd expect. `PROMPT_PREFIX` will appear after the `SHLVL` angle
+do about what you'd expect.
This is all managed within the `prompt` function. There's some mildly hacky
logic on `tput` codes included such that it should work correctly for most