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Grizzle about Pandoc
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@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ Known issues
* man(1) completion doesn't work on OpenBSD as manpath(1) isn't a thing on
that system; need to find some way of finding which manual directories
should be searched at runtime, if there is one.
-* OpenBSD doesn't have a `pandoc` package at all. It would be nice to find
- some way of converting the README.markdown into a palatable troff format
- with some more readily available (and preferably less heavyweight) tool.
+* pandoc(1) is awesome, but heavy as hell and requires Haskell. A more
+ lightweight recipe to make an acceptable man page out of the README would
+ be great.
* The checks gscr(1df) makes to determine where it is are a bit naïve (don't
work with bare repos) and could probably be improved with some appropriate
git-reflog(1) calls