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parentBring Xinit check/lint scripts up to standard (diff)
Add idea and issue regarding checking and linting
Just for future reference, but the work for this branch is done now.
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@@ -21,3 +21,6 @@ Ideas
calls that via `eval`.
* The BigFileMeasures() function in .vim/config/bigfile.vim should maybe be a
self-contained plugin rather than a config subfile.
+* Ideally, the .awk and/or .sed scripts in the bin and games dirs should be
+ syntax-checked or linted. I could at least add some patient application of
+ appropriate `gawk --lint` calls for each of the .awk scripts.
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@@ -22,3 +22,5 @@ Known issues
`completion-ignore-case` setting
* Document `install-conf` target once I'm sure it's not a dumb idea
* Need to decide whether I care about XDG, and implement it if I do
+* Need to decide whether I'm testing the shell snippets for MPD, Keychain
+ etc, and if so how.