Use ulimit to severely restrict your Bash shell's resources, and see how long you can last before segfaulting or giving up.

The author highly recommends you create a dummy user to run this, so that you don't end up munging important files in your HOME.

$ sudo useradd -m doomguy
$ sudo -i -u doomguy
$ git clone https://dev.sanctum.geek.nz/code/doomsh.git
$ cd doomsh
$ ./doomsh

This software is not really important or useful in any way, but it's kind of fun to see what breaks when resources are really tight, especially when it exposes problems in programs like failing to check for NULL returns from malloc(3).

On the author's machine, at level 5, even ls(1) doesn't work, let alone Vim.

If you're really crazy, you'll try and launch X11 processes from it, and watch them twitch as they die.


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