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+Clubber is a Perl script to make forming `chroot` environments less of a task
+that makes you want to cry and kill yourself. It requires `ldd`, and should be
+run interactively as `root`, *never* as an automated or unattended task.
+Run with one or more binaries as parameters and no other options, `clubber`
+will run `ldd` over each, converge the list of libraries used by all of them,
+and print them to `stdout`.
+ # clubber php
+Run with the `--chroot=PATH` option, pointing to an existing directory intended
+as the root of a `chroot` jail, `clubber` will also create required library
+paths if they do not exist and copy the libraries into that environment if they
+do not yet exist, or if they differ from the host system libraries.
+ # clubber --chroot=/chroot/apache php
+Run with both the `--chroot=PATH` and `--dry` options, `clubber` will perform a
+"dry run" of the `chroot` library import, writing the commands it would execute
+on `stdout`.
+ # clubber --chroot=/chroot/apache --dry php
+Run with both the `--chroot=PATH` and `--verify` options, Clubber will check
+all of the libraries expected for the program are in place within the `chroot`
+environment, and will report any discrepancies.
+ # clubber --chroot=/chroot/apache --verify php
+Copyright (c) [Tom Ryder][1]. Distributed under an [MIT License][2]. Buy me a
+beer sometime.
+[1]: http://www.sanctum.geek.nz/about/tom-ryder
+[2]: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/MIT